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Famous for its cheeses, with Stilton and Red Leicester originating in the county, Leicestershire has a lot of rich and diverse culinary options to suit all palates. The pork pie has its humble beginnings here and the county is well known for its markets, including the largest outdoor covered market in Europe.

The magnificent Belvoir Castle is well worth the drive and its rich history will captivate you as you walk around the grounds. The traditional outdoor country activities of shooting, fishing and, for the more modern, quad biking are available to the public on the vast estate that surrounds the castle. It contains many works of art for the art enthusiast and you can spend a pleasant day on the estate.

With numerous places of interest all over the county. Car Hire Leicestershire (CarsForHireUK) has the perfect way to start your holiday and to save you time and money to enable you to see and enjoy the rich diversity of this beautiful county. Driving along the country roads in a car of your choice, ranging from a BMW to a Mercedes SL, Car Hire Leicestershire can provide for you and your loved one the perfect vehicle to make your stay hassle free.

A short guide into hiring a car when visiting Leicestershire

We offer a very low price of £ 9.00 per day and all the benefits that go with that, such as fully comprehensive insurance and a waiver on auto theft and collision damage. This leaves you with nothing to think about except enjoying yourself. In addition, there is unlimited mileage on breakdown assistance, which gives you the freedom of the county with no worries about your vehicle.

Car Hire East Midlands Airport (EMA)

Car Hire East Midlands Airport (EMA) is serviced by numerous airlines, such as RyanAir, EasyJet and Spanair to name but a few. The airport is convenient to a large and extensive network of motorways. The airport is a hub for European flights but has recently begun long haul flights to places like Cancun, Mexico and Orlando, Florida USA. East Midlands Airport contains a number of shops and services to make your arrival and departure as comfortable as possible. On arrival at the airport, Car Hire East Midlands Airport (EMA) will present you with the keys to the vehicle of your choice and you can begin your visit.
With stunning scenery like the Rocks, Old John and the War Memorial at Bradgate Park, Leicestershire provides the back drop while Car Hire Leicestershire provides the vehicle to ensure you have the opportunity to explore the very best the county has to offer.

The county of Leicestershire contains the infamous Bosworth Field, which was the site of the last battle of the War of the Roses between the House of York and the House of Lancaster. This battle is seen as one of the most important in English history, marking the end of Richard and the Plantagenet kings. The area contains a multitude of historical sites and is certainly worth the visit. Shakespeare in his play Richard III gave great significance to the battle.

Driving out to Donnington Park and the home of the famous Grand Prix is a must for Formula 1 fans. You can pay a visit to the museum and relive all of the famous races that have been held there.

Car Hire Leicestershire will assist you in choosing the best locations and the ones that are well worth the visit in the county by ensuring you have the perfect vehicle for your needs.

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