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Frequently Asked Questions

At CarsforhireUK, we understand that it's not all black and white.  If you are not sure about something, why not browse our frequently asked questions where we are sure you will find the answer to the most common questions.  If you still can't find what you are after, visit our Customer Services page for contact details and we'll happily help with any other queries you might have;

If I book today, can I collect the car the same day?

Yes you can - when you place your booking online you will receive your booking voucher straight away - this is needed at the rental desk when you collect your car - we will however require 3 HOURS notice for administrative purposes.

Can you arrange to have the car delivered?

Unfortunately few suppliers are able to deliver cars - if this option is available it will be displayed when selecting your pick-up location.

Who do I contact to find answers on unusual circumstances?

Please email or call 0845 527 2096.

What is the age limit to hire a car?

25 is the standard age however we can offer cars for drivers between 21-25 although a young drivers charge will occur ( this is found under " rate details"  on the car you would wish to hire).

How would I receive confirmation?

You will be sent an email shortly after you have placed your booking, sometimes a short delay in sending out the booking voucher occurs due to suppliers not being in the same time zone etc. If for some reason you do not receive an email from us please check your spam box. Please contact us by email: or call: 0845 527 2096.

Can I take my hire car abroad?

Yes certain cars can be taken abroad and sometimes additional charges will occur. However 7 seaters + and luxury cars are currently not allowed. Please check " rate details" on the car you would like to hire, this will state about cross boarder travel. Please check before making travel arrangements.

What mileage, excess and insurance is involved?

This can be found by clicking " rate details" when you have selected a quote, this can vary between the different cars.

How can I amend my existing booking?

Please use the 'Manage my Booking' function, or call us on 0845 527 2096

How can I cancel my existing booking?

Please use the 'Manage my Booking' function, or call us on 0845 527 2096, our cancellation policy can be viewed in full in our terms and conditions. For a full refund, at least 48 hours notice must be given prior to pick up date/time.

How can I extend my existing booking?

Please use the 'Manage my Booking' function, or call us on 0845 527 2096 stating your requirements and we can then advise if this can be done, please make sure you state your reservation number.

Do I have to pay to cross the Irish Border?

Yes charges will occur per day.

What documents will I need to bring with me when collecting a car?

You will need to bring both parts of your driving licence ( if applicable), card and counter part along with a credit card in the main drivers name and your booking voucher.  If your driving licence is not in the roman alphabet you will need to also bring an international drivers licence.

What are your Terms and Conditions?

Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Drivers must have one of the following credit cards:

Mastercard, Visa.

Credit card is required in the drivers name.  The booking can be paid by either debit or credit card however you must have a credit card in the main drivers name to be shown at the rental desk. This is because a deposit is required which is held on the credit card until the car has been returned.  In some countries you may have to present two credit cards when renting higher vehicle groups.

Please make sure the credit card has sufficient credit at the time of the rental. The amount which will be authorised is generally the excess and fuel deposit but this can vary depending on the size of the vehicle, the car rental agent, the age of the driver, rental duration and pick up location.

If you do not present a valid credit card or do not have the sufficient funds, the car rental agent may refuse to release the car. In these instances, no funds paid will be reimbursed.

How do I pay for the car?

This can vary -  most of the time you will pay a minimum of a deposit by Credit Card (Debit Cards are sometimes allowed) when booking and then pay the remaining balance at the rental desk. The type of Credit/Debit card accepted can be found on the booking page.

How many points would you class as a major endorsement on a license?

6 points or more is a major endorsement and you will not be allowed to hire a car. However if you have less points but have previously been banned for driving with no MOT, drink driving and no insurance, you will not be allowed to hire a car.

Can I hire a car seat or any other extras with my rental car?

You can hire car seats, GPS etc on the booking page under "optional extras". Otherwise by calling the car rental desk direct once the booking has been made. The direct line number will be stated on your booking voucher.

Can I collect the car direct from an airport or ferry port?

Yes if you select the city and country you require a car from, you will then be advised of all the collection points available including Airports and Ferry ports.

Will I be guaranteed the car I selected online?

We try to accommodate your requirements but the cars are supplied in groups so if the car you have selected is not available on arrival you will be provided with a similar car from the same group.  To view the cars that could be offered as an alternative please click " Vehicle details" when you have found a quote online. A list of similar cars will then be displayed.

How do I know where I have to collect my car from?

When you have found the car you wish to hire please press "book" then at the top of the page in the left hand corner it will state the address of where to collect the car from. If this is not displayed online the full pick up address will be shown on your booking voucher.